So I have been going through a really tough time adjusting to my hair ever since going through cancer treatment and of course all my hair fell out. I anxiously awaited the day it would grow back but when it finally did... it was a MESS. For months I went to stylist to stylist, salon to salon in search of someone anyone who could tame this crazy mane of mine. I had some good experiences and some bad experiences.I went from orange Bozo the clown to multi color like a calico cat! The final straw was when I thought I had found someone who could make sense of my senseless tresses but when I went to see her a week before I was going to New York Fashion Week for a quick shape and trim and she suggested a color touch up. It turned out being a total disaster. She ended up burning my scalp senseless, shaving half my hair off and sending me into a full on hair frenzy. The only thing I could think of was drive directly to Rick's Island Salon. Rick and Lisa and their lovely three daughters are actually great friends and were huge supporters during my sickness. Lisa immediately sat me down and comforted me and said she would take care of me. She introduced me to Gabe, my new found hero! He made me feel the most confident I have felt about my hair since my pre-cancer days. My color and cut made me feel chic and confident and ready for New York. I really love my hair ( I haven't been able to say that in such a in such a long time)! Kudos to team at Rick's for their kind hearted staff, talented team, and professionalism. One question clearly sticks out... why did I ever go anywhere else?